Sunday, 1 April 2012

My First Ever Blog!

I feel a little silly if I say "Hi Everyone" as this is my first blog, so as of yet I have no-one to say "Hi" to!

Hopefully in time that will change!

So, I have been pondering all day what I should say in this very first blog of mine, I even started a thread on a the very valuable craft forum and got some good advice from Jill at christmaspiecrafts and caroline at caroleecrafts for which I would like to thank them, they both have wonderful blogs.

Following their advice, here is a little bit about me.............

My name is Nina and I live in sunny Devon,  I have a massive amount of passion for all things Art &Craft, I studied Fashion when I left school and worked for various company's.  I then got rather bored of production lines so I took some time out, took a few trips and then started work in a bookies. (rather non craft like!)

Just over a year ago I had a bit of a rough time and felt somewhat miserable, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself, friends and family rallied round as they always do and encouraged me to take what were my hobbies at the time to the next level, start selling, try some craft fairs, anything, just to put the smile back on my face!!

So the wheels were set in motion and things are finally taking shape, it has taken a long time to get here and I am still at the very beginning stages of it all (as you can see!)

I have my own website which is evolving very slowly, since the website was published I have been so busy with local orders that the site has suffered somewhat and has not been given the care and attention it needs, I plan on spending the next month bringing it up to date and adding all the stock that seems to be spreading itself around my workroom, oh and bedroom, oh and the dining room.........ok, ok so the whole house!

Sometimes I wonder how I've managed to accumulate so much "stuff" but if you are a fellow crafter, you know how it works, that one piece of fabric turns into a cupboard full, that one jar of buttons turns into ten jars........... you get the drift!!?

Anyway, I think It may be time to stop yapping and make a cuppa and have a read through some other blogs of interest, along with getting on with my latest project, or should I tell you about my latest project?

Why not!

So, I plan on having a stall at Plymouth's very own "Volksfest" this year, along with the "VWNW" show in Cheshire, so my life has become somewhat taken over by all things "V.W"
One of the first things I decided on making, and that I'm working on at present are some simple cushions which feature beetle/camper van appliqué's



As you can see the cushion's aren't completely finished yet, I tend to work like a production line when I plan on making bigger numbers of certain products, I find I get things done quicker this way, only a few more to do and then I will go back and finish them all off, I shall endeavour to post some pic's of them finished and looking plump!!

I'm really enjoying making these cushions, I just hope people will love them as much as I do!!

Well, that's about it for now, I'm off to follow the next piece of advice and join in on Handmade Monday, and see what everyone else is up too, if you have taken the time to read my "very first" blog, I would like to thank you and welcome any thoughts you may!!


  1. Well done on taking the first steps in blogging and welcome to Handmade Monday too! The cushions are sure to do well at the VW shows. I did VWNW last year and it was one of the best shows I've ever done - so take plenty of stock! Can you take orders while you're there? I can see people wanting these in colours to match their van - I sold quite a few clocks for actually using in campers. Can you add personalised number plates too? It's one of the big attractions of my clocks and canvases and people love to personalise. You'll sell them for kids' bedrooms too, so do some non-florals too. Also, I sold out of pink campervan door plaques - do plenty in pink! Love them x

  2. Wow! Am I the first comment on your very first blog post? Hooray! Congratulations on taking the plunge, joining in with Handmade Monday is a great way to meet like minded people. I love the camper van and car, fab idea for a cushion!

  3. My first response!!! I'm so happy!!!
    Thank you for the lovely welcome into the world of blogging and handmade monday!!
    I can certainly take orders while I'm there, I plan on taking as much stock as is physically possible!!
    Personalised number plates, that sounds like a great idea and will give me something to think about, and a great idea about non-florals for kids rooms too!
    My "To Do" list just got slightly longer!!
    Thank You 8-)

  4. Welcome to Handmade Monday! I love the therapeutic effect craft has and nothing cheers me up like a bit of crafting. Good luck with the new website and the new business, I'm still new to it all and look forward to checking your progress. I'm heading over to your website now for a nosey!! X

  5. Great to 'meet' you! I love the camper van cushions-they're always popular so I'm sure they'll be a best seller!I'm going to follow so I can see more.

  6. Yay, this is exciting!! I can see that I may get a little addicted to blogging, what with such lovely responses!!
    Thanks for such a lovely welcome everyone!!

  7. Your cushions are lovely - my husband longs for an old VW camper van, but it's never going to happen! I wonder if he'd be satisfied with one of these instead?!
    And welcome to Handmade Monday - I've not been part of it for very long but everyone is lovely and it becomes seriously addictive! You have been warned!

  8. Hello and welcome to the blogging world! Love your cushions and I'm sure they will sell well at your up and coming Volksfest.
    I know what you mean about stuff, it sort of doubles while I'm asleep!!

  9. Hello and welcome to the blogging world! Love your cushions and I'm sure they will sell well at your up and coming Volksfest.
    I know what you mean about stuff, it sort of doubles while I'm asleep!!

  10. Welcome Nina to Blogland and so glad I could help you. It is fun and you have done your first blog. Love to read about fellow crafters and hope your events go well, love the cushions VW's are certainly very popular. Enjoy your week and look forward to meeting up again next week. x

  11. Well done Nina and welcome to blogging. A really great first post - first of many. good luck at the Volksfest - look forward to hearing how you get on. I am sure it will be a great success as your cushions are brilliant. Many thanks for following my blog. Hope you have a good week.

  12. Hey Nina! Welcome to blogging and hello to a fellow Devonian . . . . your cushions look fun. Also love the background to your blog.

  13. Hi Nina and welcome! Your cushions are really lovely. Good luck with your Volksfest - you better take lots of stock as I'm sure these will sell really well. Mich x

  14. Nice to meet you! I don't sell my stuff, but I love to see people make a business of their passion an be able to do what they love for their living. I just love your little VW bug! How I wanted one when I was in high school! Never got one, but still love them. Yours is just too too cute! Can't wait to see more.

  15. Well done on your first blog, now you have got it over with there will be no stopping you now :) I love the campervan one day I want to own a real one, or i will just have to get a transit with a mattress lol.


  16. Well done on your 1st post, it's great that crafting can be an enjoyable source of therapy. It's a great pick me up. Love the cushions, VW's are always popular.

    Jan x

  17. Welcome to blogging! If you are anything like me you will become addicted to it!
    The cushions are fab,the Beetle is very cute. Good luck at the Volkswagen show.