Monday, 30 April 2012

Handmade Monday 64

Hello everyone!!
I can't believe a whole week has gone by already!!
I'm afraid I'm going to cheat for Handmade Monday this week, as in, I don't have a personal make to show off, however, I do have an announcement...............................

The cushions are finished!!!!!!!!

At one point over the weekend I honestly thought I was going to lose the will to live and never get them finished!  I got down to the last batch of 40 and it felt like the pile just wasn't getting any smaller!
Now I always time my work using my stopwatch and looking on it I am surprised but very pleased with my completion time, as in it took nowhere near as much time as I thought, I actually feel on looking at it that I should have had more free time than I have actually had, but then there have been a few distractions and indeed other commitments that stopped the work flow!

So all in all it ended up being 317 cushions, which all in all took me......................................

??hrs and ??mins

Oohhhhh, A guessing game just popped into my head, or should I say a competition, hum, let me think about this......

Ok I've had a 10 minute think, and here it is:

Guess the time & win a prize:

So, the aim of the game is to guess how many hours and minutes it took me to complete 317 cushions, from start to finish, I'm going to give you a run down of how I produced the cushions, and them i'm going to give you some inside knowledge into my working pattern to help you make an educated guess at how long these cushions took me to complete, the person who is closest to the nearest hour and minute will win.
Now, the prize certainly isn't going to be a cushion, as you can imagine I am slightly sick of the things and need a little time out from making any more!!
So I have opted to give one of my quirky Animal Tea Cosy's to the winner, you'll even get to choose out of the animals that I make and the background fabric colour...............Good Huh? (Well I hope so anyway!)

So, here are the stages of production I went through:

I cut all the fabrics out into 64cm square
I over-locked 1 edge of each square
I paired the pieces up and stitched in 8cm from the sides along one edge
I basted the rest of this edge leaving a gap at each end between the previous stitching and the basting
I fitted the zip
I over-locked closed
I turned them through

And that's that, now for some hints to send you on your guessing way!!

I started work on the 12th april
I finished work on the 29th april
I have only worked one weekend day
Wednesdays are workshop day for me so I take this day off
I took 2 Thursday's off due to my cake decorating course and group rehearsals
I took last Friday off to look at a couple of litters of puppy's
I take an hour and a half's worth of breaks on a full working day

Because I use industrial machines I don't start sewing work until 10.30 and I finish at 5 so as not to drive the neighbours mad!!
I have an electric rotary cutter which allows me to cut up to 9 layers of fabric a time
I have production line experience so do sew with some speed!!

Right I think that is enough hints!!

All you need to do to enter is:

Follow my blog and leave a comment on this post with your guess.......................Simples!!

I shall announce the winner on Friday, that gives everyone time to have a guess!!

Now here are the choices of Tea Cosy's that the winner will be able to choose from...........
The winner will also be able to pick whether they have a cream finish or denim finish

Frog Tea Cosy
Cosy Frog

Cow Tea Cosy
Cosy Cow

Dog Tea Cosy
Cosy Dog

Owl Tea Cosy
Cosy Owl

Cat Tea Cosy
Cosy Cat

Monkey Tea Cosy
Cosy Monkey

Rabbit Tea Cosy
Cosy Rabbit

Pig Tea Cosy
Cosy Pig

I'm hoping there's enough choice there!!

Ok I think that's it for now, I'm heading over to Wendy's Handmade Monday feature to see what everyone else has been doing, why don't you venture over with me??



I KNOW WHAT I FORGOT!!! (Not really but saving the best for last is a must!!!!)

I am pleased to announce the arrival of.............................


He is such a sleepy head!!

Oh look, he's asleep!!

As you know I was off to look at some pup's last Friday, we ended up viewing an extra litter which is where we found this adorable little chap, His name is Dougie "Magic Denzel", Magic Denzel is his Kennel club name, his Grandad won Crufts a couple of years ago so I think we are going to end up with a handsome little chap, don't you??

Anyway that really is it for now, I am off to watch a Hair show tonight, my niece is in her first year of training and my second niece is her model, I did her make up earlier so I already know that she looks amazing but I can't wait to see her on the catwalk!!

I'm going to nose on Handmade Monday until it's time to go!!


  1. Oh he's gorgeous, adorable! There's a border terrier puppy at the training class I go to and he's such a sweetheart!
    Now, cushions...............58 hours 36 minutes, which is likely to be way out, but I love the tea cosies!!

  2. Dougie looks just lovely!
    Cushions - well, a lot less time per cushion than the ones I was making I guess! How about 52 hours and 5 minutes? definitley a wild guess!!

  3. Oh my head hurts now with all those numbers!! I'm thinking something like 67 hours (and maybe 32 minutes??)- I don't know where those numbers came from, to be honest.

    Well done on completing them, I think that in itself is a cause for celebration and a fab HM post!! x

  4. Brain batteries worn out just reading about them. I had this amazing vision of a whirling dirvish chucking cushion covers over her shoulders at a rate of 1 every 5 secs! Total guess - 53 hrs 21 mins. And as for Dougie Aaaaaahhhh, want him

  5. Too tired to think but will be back - I soo need a tea cosie!

  6. That's the most maths my brain has done in weeks (well months and years really). I'm going to guess at 149 hours and 10 minutes!!! I'll probably be way out!

  7. Dougie is adorable, I love having a ago about the home, think they makes a home a home. Love the new cosies

  8. Welcome Dougie - you are sooooo gorgeous. The tea-cosies are brilliant. I am guessing 80 hours?? Hope you have a good week.

  9. I guess 52 hours (but not sure abyone can make that many cushions in that time!)

  10. YAYYY!! Congratulations for completing all those cushions! Hope you have a well earned rest now :) xx

  11. Oh my goodness, is that a border terrier? I've always thought of getting one, and then I remember I'm probably too lazy to have one. But what an adorable baby! And congrats on getting the cushions done, what a big job. I have no idea how many hours, my guess would be way too many, I would give up! Did I mention I'm lazy? :) Now, back to that adorable puppy....