Sunday, 22 April 2012

Gone slightly off my rocker!!!!!

Hey everyone, so I have been completely neglectful of my baby blog of late, I have been a busy bee what with this cushion order.........................
Which I might add is reminding me of that good old film gremlins, I don't know what the trigger is yet but it appears that every time I meet a milestone the order seems to increase and multiply and take over my life that little bit more than it already had!

200 cushions has now become 320 cushions, the extra's being in different fabrics.
I have sewn in 124 zips today.........Oh the joy!

I will get there in the end!!

So what's been happening in the non cushion land of Nina? Blimmin' not much I can tell you!
I did start my cake decorating course on Thursday which was the complete highlight of my week so far for me, we worked on piping techniques and patterns, all good fun!  I can see now the little mistakes I made with the piping on the dartboard cake, so I have learnt for next time how to improve upon it.

I have only managed to make one new block for the patchwork quilt that I have been sharing with all of you which irks me slightly, but ho hum there's not much I can do about it whilst I have these cushions to get done!

So without further ado, here is my latest tutorial:

A block a day (I wish) keeps the boredom at bay:

Block 3:  The whirlwind Block:

whirlwind square patchwork block
The Whirlwind Block
What you will need to make the Whirlwind Square Block:

3 Different patterned/plain fabrics
Templates: Which you can download and print here (templates include a 5mm seam allowance)
Taylor's Chalk
Sewing machine - human or electrical!!

Now, For the sake of this tutorial I am going to label my fabrics A, B & C

whirlwind patchwork block

Here is the layout:

Whirlwind Square Layout
Whirlwind square layout
Now I have labelled the Whirlwind square template pieces as 1 & 2, and used this cutting guide:

Using template number 1:  Cut 2 in fabric A and 2 in fabric B
Using template number 2:  Cut 4 in fabric C

So to start with lay out your 4 template number 1 pieces:

whirlwind patchwork block

Then with right sides facing lay your template number 2 pieces into position, and using a 5mm seam allowance sew along where the dotted line shows:

whirlwind patchwork block

You'll end up with 4 pieces like so:

whirlwind patchwork block

Now taking one of each pattern lay them out like so and then place together, right sides facing as the arrows show:

whirlwind patchwork block

Using your 5mm seam allowance stitch along the edge where the dotted line shows:

whirlwind patchwork block

Lay your remaining two pieces in exactly the same way and repeat the above process, you'll end up with two triangles like so:

whirlwind patchwork block

Following the direction of the arrows put the pieces right sides together and stitch, again where the dotted line shows:

whirlwind patchwork block

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.......................Our whirlwind square patchwork block!!

whirlwind patchwork block
Whirlwind Square Patchwork Block

Now, being the busy bee that I am of late, I wrote half of the above blog yesterday but just didn't find the time to finish it, and I can say that since then something truly exciting has happened.......................................

We have confirmed with a lady in Somerset to go to her house on Friday to view some PUPPIES!!!!!!!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am, I lost my last dog when I separated from my ex boyfriend and I was devastated to say the least.  But onwards and upwards, it took me a while to get over it, and I still wonder how he is doing now but it will be nice to welcome a new member into the family!

So boy puppy names are now on my mind instead of cushions..........I can now sew and think of names, instead of "what number cushion is this" or "will I ever finish these cushions" or "oh look, another cushion!"

Anyhow, I think that is enough blab from me for now, I'm off to traverse around 3 stacks of cushions to get out of this room, hop, skip and jump over the one's on the landing and then move the four piles off the bed so I can get in it and catch up on some TV whilst perusing the lovely blog's that can be found over at Handmade Monday, hosted by Wendy of 1st Unique Gifts, I strongly recommend you do the same, without the cushion assault course of course!!!!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cake decorating course but more pleased you are looking at puppies! Can't wait to see some pics of your 'new addition' when you decide. Happy cushioning! Michx

  2. Ohhh are you going to post a photo of all your cushions. It would be an amazing photo shoot!
    What sort of puppy are you getting and will you be able to find him amongst your stack of cushions :0D

    1. We are going to look at border terriers, I love how there faces are like a cross between a teddy bear and an old man hehe!!
      They will only be 5 weeks when we view them so not ready to leave mum just yet, by then these cushions should be packed and sent so no risk of accidentally sending a puppy via dhl!! haha

  3. Eeek! 320 cushions?! That is a crazy scary amount!
    This tutorial is lovely and one that makes me eager to get my sewing machine out and give a go! Good luck with the cake decorating course - it sounds like a lot of fun xx

  4. That number of cushions I would be going cushion crazy but you will get there. Love the fabric combinations for your panel. What puppy are you getting and know what you mean about losing one we lost Barney at 15.5 years in Nov 2010 but took possession of Shiloh in July last year at age 7 weeks, so good to have a fur baby around.

    1. Losing a pet is awful, silly how we set ourselves up for it really, I had to have my Rabbit put to sleep 2 months ago, her name was winnie, she was a house rabbit, I never caged her, she was litter trained and had the free run of the house, she was like a cat really, it broke my heart, I think I cried for about a week! But I am a complete animal lover and don't like having a pet free house, it doesn't feel right!!
      I'm going to look at some 5 week old border terriers and can't wait! I shall take some pictures when I visit on Friday and post them when I get home!

  5. Oh, how easy it is for handmade to become production line - been there and I sympathise. But there's always a massive feeling of relief and even bigger sense of achievement when you get there! And happy puppy daydreams to help you along the way! Good luck xx

    Fab tutorial, btw - how did you find time to slot that one in?!

    1. At the moment I have stacks of cushions all in different stages, all stacked around the house...........I'm ahead of target which is good but I do look at them and think I much prefer making my little one off pieces and custom orders!!
      I did that tutorial whilst taking a break to eat a sandwich and slurp a cup of tea......not much of a lunch break, but then just that little change in project for 20 minutes re-energises me!!

  6. 320 cushions - that's a houseful isn't it? They don't have that many in my local fabric shop. Very impressive, especially with the zips! Good luck with your puppy - my puppy is now 4 years old and is rather too large for my lap, but we still share a sofa! All our dogs are named after flowers now, which is fine 'cos they're girls, but our last boy dog was called Elvis - which raised a few eyebrows at the local park!

  7. How many cushions?!! Good luck.
    Very jealous of your puppy - but I already have 3 dogs and another one might just be a step too far! There's a border puppy at a training class I go to with my Schnoodle pup, and he's just adorable. Can't wait to see photos.

  8. Gosh those cushions are going to take you forever, I hope you are earning lots from this to make it worth while! I am super jealous of you getting a puppy! What kind? You definitely have to post photos of him once he arrives :-) X

  9. How many cushions?!!!!! Wow! You'll never want to see a cushion again after this! You better get them finished before you have a new puppy! You may find yourself remaking a few!!

  10. Gosh you've had a busy week again, well done on keeping up with your panels. Best wishes for Friday, I'll bet you will fall in love with them all :)

    Jan x

  11. Wow so many cushions, you'll be sewing them in your sleep. Would love to see your new pup, hope you'll post a pic. HUgs Sue x

  12. Gosh I feel tired just thinking about all those cushions, and even more tired thinking about a puppy! Mine has grown up now, but a dachshund puppy is like having a a new born baby in the house, he was very hard work! Wouldn't be without him now of course!

  13. Oh well, I can't wait to see puppy pix! What sort of puppy? I know you are going to be VERY busy! And the quilt piece is beautiful too, but now I have puppies in my head.

  14. There must be a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere!!! Love the fabrics you used in your block. Can't wait to see the puppy.
    Jo x